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Are you looking for a 100% salary hike?

Recently I interviewed 30 corporate women and 22 of them said they were looking for a 100 percent salary hike. I was shocked. All of them had more than 8 years of work experience. I asked are you sure? I checked why do you think you deserve the hike you are asking for? Honestly, the answers were vague — but the underlying emotions were the same — everyone felt undervalued. And when asked who is to be blamed for this discrepancy the answer is always “it is someone else but surely not me!”

We always question the corporations on their intentions on hiring diverse talents but never work on empowering the candidates. Why don’t grad schools teach negotiations? It's very important for people to negotiate at every stage so that it doesn't become an overwhelming ask in their mid-career.

Anyways without harping on what could have been done let's discuss what can be done now?

  1. Know the bracket of your career band. It’s important to know whether the ask is a possibility or not. Have some data from LinkedIn, glassdoor, etc to support it.

  2. Think outside in. Why would someone pay you the money you are asking for? Apart from the job description which are the other asks of the organization you align to?

  3. Be ready to answer the questions “30% is the maximum we can offer as per the industry standards”. An answer like “my friend works for XYZ and gets paid more” isn’t enough.

  4. Understanding the budget of the recruiter with various probing questions would give a good perspective where you can take the negotiation to.

  5. Know when to walk out of the conversation — You can never win a negotiation unless you can create competition for your opponent. The recruiting company must feel they have enough competition in the market who are ready to match your expectations.

  6. Your energy and conviction count. Be a person who brings life to the dialogue.

  7. The language is important. Remember to be humble and subtle while you ask.

  8. Build a relationship and don’t do a transaction. The recruiter is a human doing her job so make sure you connect with her.

This pandemic has taught empathy to a lot of people. Be empathetic in every conversation and work on building a long-term relationship with the HR exec, TAM, recruiter, hiring manager, etc — if this doesn’t convert to an offer for whatever reasons remember there can always be a next time in some other company.

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