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Are you a CA on a break?

I was mentoring 2 chartered accountants and surprisingly they were the most confused and unsure in a class of 15 professionals. I was so surprised because to me a CA is equivalent to a doctor or an engineer. Then why would an accomplished person feel so lost? The reason was the break and not knowing what was happening in the industry. So if you are in the same boat what should you do? Here goes my list -

  1. Give up the inhibition that this break is going to pull you back. A CA is a CA and will be a CA. No one can take that away from you.

  2. Start playing your A game. Every single day start journaling what went well in your job search, what didn't go well, and what are things you need to quickly pick up to be at par with a successful CA.

  3. Next comes understanding why you deserve the job. Make a list of all that differentiates you at work?

  4. Think of an answer you would give if asked why should you be chosen over the others who has been active in the industry all this time.

  5. Decide on a small activity you would do everyday that would make you better at your work.

  6. Apply to the audit, CA and LPO firms.

  7. A Chartered Accountant can pursue career in following firms: 1) Internal Auditing 2) Tax Auditing 3) Forensic Auditing 4) Career in Accounting and Finance 5) Taxation Advisory (Both Direct and Indirect) 6) Statutory Audit under applicable statutes 7) Managing Treasury function 8) Others like Bookkeeping, Finance Controller, Preparation of financials of companies, etc.

  8. Register for CA and finance related events to be part of the talent pool.

  9. Do a course to become up-to-date with the latest in the field of finance. Then your break wouldn't matter at all.

  10. Get a mentor who might have gone through similar situation and take guidance on what would be the right option to do.

Finally if you still think you need hand holding please get yourself paid personal mentoring (I recommend as a great personal coaching platform) as the hurdle you need to cross is very different than you what you think it is. Remember without inspiration, ordinary people will only do ordinary things.

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