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Creating 3X pipeline using the magic wand called Social Media

Our world today revolves around social media — Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and the list goes on. If a person can’t be found on these sites we think that there is something surely wrong with him/her and hence he doesn’t have an online presence. Our internet Avatar is as real as us. Hence as entrepreneurs if we are not using this channel effectively it’s a sheer loss for the business.

To my surprise, I still see a lot of the entrepreneuse still not having an e-commerce page for their business. Also if they have it, it is half-hearted and incomplete. A company’s social presence not only helps to create a pipeline but also adds to the brand image. I know a boutique that only sold through Facebook and Whatsapp and made a whopping profit of 12 lakhs INR in the first year of inception. So the question is if they could do it why not others? Because there is a method to the madness. If you are an MSME follow these steps and let me know the results —

  1. Don’t be present on all social media sites and get overwhelmed. Ideally, every site works well for few specific businesses and we need to pick them correctly.

  2. Make sure all information is there on your webpage. You must tag your link for all social media activities. The traffic needs to come to your website and then only you can do a good data analysis.

  3. If you are selling in Amazon/Flipkart don’t go for sponsorships. Buyers think lowly of the products that need to be paid to be on top of their search results.

  4. To begin with, get 2- 3 influencers to talk about your product/service on these social media. The influencers have to be those people who have a good follower base and will also be known for their views in your industry/vertical. This most likely will be a paid activity.

  5. Arrange a free webinar/ online event once a month and promote it throughout. Make sure this event is relevant for the audience who would buy your product/service.

  6. Please have a process/system in place to collect all the leads generated from these activities and make sure there is regular interaction with these validated leads through posts, emails, etc.

Once you devise an engine to automate these steps then comes the finer aspects of using these platforms which I will try and cover in my subsequent articles.

If you are an NPO/NGO — Tech/Non-tech, remember your customers are the investors without whom you won’t be able to give the service you want. So you would also need a good social presence to make sure people aligned to your vision can reach out to you and create the ecosystem for your enterprise to thrive. Remember to add yourself to the list of influencers(as in Point 4) and regularly blog about your purpose and welcome your readers to share their ideas. The magic mantra to create the 3X pipeline using social media is to systematically invest time and put a process around it!

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