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---Increase YouTube Subscribers By 10X

These days I see most of the budding entrepreneurs want to first have enough subscribers in their Youtube channel and then focus on the actual sales. A lot of field sales specialists who only understand direct revenue as a measure of success wouldn’t agree with this idea. But I do. I have realised that promoting your idea/ concept through a youtube channel and having genuine subscribers/viewers would actually be a good way to start. The number of subscribers would give a first-hand view of how your proposition will be accepted by the masses. So the core to get more subscribers is having authentic content targeted to a specific audience. One will only subscribe to a channel if she can relate to the topic. Having mixed contents hence won’t be beneficial. Decide on your target group even before you decide on what would be the content. Refer to the article below to understand more on this. Segment and Attack Segmentation is the art of understanding the target audience. It is one of the most important things to consider while…

Why would someone subscribe and stick to your channel? Only when he is heard and his need is being catered to. As the channel owner be sure to respond to every comment and also like good comments (maybe with the heart emoji). The other good strategy would be to choose a video that has given you maximum subscription and use it as the trailer for all your promotions. Remember when you see people subscribing to your channel it can either be that they love your content or they want to be associated with the brand you have created for yourself or your company. So personal branding and promoting your channel through different platforms would be very fruitful. The irony is that though there is no monetary transaction involved yet getting subscribers is no less than actual sales. Hence “call-to-action” is important. Remember to request your viewer every time to subscribe to your channel and what they would get additionally by subscribing. Only saying “ Please subscribe if you like my video” is not enough. You must mention “what's in store for them in future so that they feel the urge to subscribe”.

Finally, a good offer may also do the magic. End your video by saying that you will give the subscriber a discount voucher/ or additional toolkit/ etc if they subscribe to your channel. Last, remember the titles of your videos are very important. Think outside in when you name your videos. What is the output for the viewer if he spends time on your content? If the title is the answer you will surely get the audience hooked to watch your productions.

In today's world of clutter “ quality over quantity” is the mantra! So I would end this conversation by suggesting make sure your videos are not in the “me too” category — I feel a series of videos with authentic content which would give the audience a clear outcome would be a win-win combination to get the subscriptions as well as watch hours.

If you are a YouTuber I would love to know your view on what works. I look forward to reading your comment on the same.

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