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"Kerala lottery results" - start your business without investment

If you are reading this article based on the title I am really surprised. This was the google search trending today. I never thought people still invest so much time and energy in lottery? While I believe that success in business/career is a combination of hard work and luck( in the ratio 80:20), investing money in something and leaving your earning to fluke is really a bad strategy.

So whats the right way to earn big money?

  1. Invest in a idea.

  2. Invest in a cause

  3. Invest in a solution

The obvious question now you would have is where's the money to invest? We choose lottery over all the other options mostly because we don't have CAPEX to start our venture. For that, strategise around finding an investor for your venture. Don't think like a sole proprietor - always think like the business tycoons - it would be your idea and hard work , while it should be somebody else's investment. When someone risks their money on your idea you have already done your first sale!

To be part of a lucky draw where you would get 30 mins of free consultation from well known coaches on how to start your business without investment please subscribe with your email address! Now this lottery is worth a shot....

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