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The Framework of Efficient Planning

There is no right or wrong planning — the one We all have some mechanism to plan. Knowingly or unknowingly we all strategise to reach our goals. Strategising is not only to decide what one should do but also to decide what one shouldn’t do. How many of us actually give it a thought when we plan?

There is no right or wrong planning — the one that works is the perfect strategy.

First and foremost, a clear schedule is needed to reach the target. And it must contain the following -

  1. Task : is the activity broken down to the smallest possible level. The art here is to make sure that it is not dependent on multiple people.

  2. Owner : is the person who will execute the task. Avoid ambiguity and double ownership.

  3. Time : is the duration that the task would take to finish. It is better to under commit and over achieve in this case. So keeping a breather is always wise in this case.

  • Along with schedule what becomes utmost important is prioritising the tasks. One complaint we all constantly nag about is unavailability of sufficient time. Hence finding the most critical tasks and doing them first works like magic.

Finally comes the power of documentation. A good planner will pen down the most obvious things as well as whatever is relevant. Writing makes us think intensely and hence is a powerful tool for strategy.

Though sounds pretty simple I guarantee you if this method is followed you will reach your goal every single time. Let me know what works for you!

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